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Dimensional Control Systems
  Strategic Partnership - Inter Changeability
For InterChangeability, iSquare has partnered with Dimensional Control Systems, USA to provide dimensional control technology to Indian Industries. It includes premier software solutions for 1D to 3D tolerance analysis of Mechanical Assemblies involving machined, sheetmetal, plastic parts. Quality training on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Tolerance Stacks and services that includes creating Variation Modeling and analysis and providing results and suggestions to customer for design improvements

DCS Company Profile

Dimensional Control Systems is a premier Engineering Firm, specializing in the field of Dimensional Engineering. DCS currently has over 100 engineers working within a variety of industries world wide. DCS supports a host of OEM and tier suppliers with Software Solutions and Engineering Placement, as well as Engineering Services. These customers utilize the Dimensional Control Procedure, an eight step process developed by Dimensional Control Systems, to promote dimensional quality on any assembled product.

Dimensional Control Systems is dedicated exclusively to the science of Dimensional Engineering. DCS internally trains all their engineers in all aspects of Dimensional Management with active support and participate in both the ASME/ANSI Y14.5 and ISO/TC10/SC5 committees on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. Dimensional Control Systems also works closely with several universities and affiliations in developing Dimensional Management Engineers and curriculums.

Dimensional Control Systems has been involved in the field of Dimensional Management for over 15 years. We have been instrumental in developing the technology and business of Dimensional Engineering and have achieved great success. DCS has developed and delivered specialized training services, project management and engineering placement in all areas of Dimensional Engineering to organizations in all parts of the world.

Dimensional Control Systems is the developer of 3-DCS and 1-DCS Graphic Tolerance Simulation Software. These products are used extensively to predict dimensional variation in any manufactured assembly. DCS has also developed Graphical Data Management (GDM) to enhance any organizations ability to interpret.

For more information about DCS, please visit: www.3dcs.com

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