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  Applications - Inter Operability-

CAD Data InterOperability is of utmost importance for companies using multiple CAD/CAM/CAE software and needing to exchange data among those.

Typical scenarios where our CAD Data Interoperability tools and technical services can be used are:

  • Companies having multiple CAD/CAM/CAE software and needing a single point “all in one” translator that can handle all major CAD vendor’s native formats and standards such as IGES, STEP, Parasolid, VDA-FS, ACIS and others.
  • CAD Geometry simplification: For use in CAE and CAM. Engineers are required to simplify the CAD geometry for meshing and FEA analysis. Our software can defeatured any model (including IGES, STEP, VDAFS data) such as removal of fillets, chamfers, holes (any shape and size), joining surfaces, combining small surface patches in single large patch, removal of entire features, protrusions and many.
  • OEM-Supplier CAD Data Integration: Many Tier1 and Tier2 suppliers do not use the same CAD system used by OEMs or OEMs do not provide CAD data in native formats, thus requiring translation of models to some standard formats such as IGES, STEP etc. Our tools and technical services ensure tight integration between OEM Data formats and Suppliers CAD systems requirements. iSquare can work as an interface between OEM and Supplier for seamless product geometry flow.
  • Customers needing to migrate CAD data in unattended mode (or Batch mode). Our software tools and technical services provides customers to configure them per requirements and can run in batch mode unattended, thus ensuring usability and high availability at the end of day for further processing.
  • Debugging Model Quality: Our software tools combined with technical services and training can help customer to assess quality of their CAD models from downstream perspective and predict serious problems in advance.
  • CAD Model Quality deployment and assessment: Our customized services and software tools can be configured per customer needs to help build quality CAD models right from beginning. We help customer to understand CAD Model quality as defined by PDQ (Product Data Quality) standards such as JAMA, GALIA, SASIG, AIG…
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